Deb, Nikhil. Neoliberal Invisibility in the Global South. Proposal Stage.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Deb, Nikhil. 2021/Forthcoming. “Slow Violence and the Gas Peedit in Neoliberal India.” Social Problems
  • Deb, Nikhil. 2020. “Law and Corporate Malfeasance in Neoliberal India.” Critical Sociology 46(7-8): 1157–1171.
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  • Deb, Nikhil. 2011. “Postmodernism: A Perplexing Framework for a Malleable World.” SUST Journal of Social Sciences 13(1):1-11.

Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Manuscripts under Review

  • Deb, Nikhil. “Eventful Sociology and Environmental Catastrophes in the Global South.”

  • Deb, Nikhil. “The Bhopal Movement and the Politics of Suffering in Neoliberal India.”

Manuscripts in Progress

  • Deb, Nikhil. “Socioenvironmental Destruction in Neoliberal Global South: A Theoretical  Framework for Global Environmental Justice.”
  • Deb, Nikhil, and *Ayon Chakrabarty. “Local Success and Global Struggles: The Politics of Environmental Justice in Neoliberal Bangladesh.”
  • Deb, Nikhil. “Climate Refugees of Bangladesh: A Case against Adaptation Paradigm.”
  • Deb, Nikhil. Neoliberal Nature and Indigenous Communities: State Responses to Narmada Bachao Andolon and Dakota Access Pipeline Protests.
  • Deb, Nikhil. “Neoliberal Globalization and Slow Violence in the Global South: A Crossnational Analysis of Industrial Catastrophes, 1980-2015.”
  • Kezheng Xiang, Jillur Rahman Saurav, Nikhil Deb, Mohammad Ruhul Amin. “A Comparative Study of Language Dependent Gender Bias in the Online Newspapers of Conservative, Semi-Conservative and Western Countries.”
  • Deb, Nikhil. “Negative Dialectics in the Age of Ecological Urgency.