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Nikhil Deb


Nikhil Deb is an incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Murray State University and Shahjalal University (Bangladesh). He has taught at six different institutions in the USA and Bangladesh. His publications have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, such as Social Problems and Critical Sociology. He is currently co-editing a book titled Social Justice in the Global South.

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Deb, Nikhil. 2021. “Slow Violence and the Gas Peedit in Neoliberal India.” Social Problems. 

-2019 Brent K. Marshall Graduate Student Paper Award, 1st place, Section on Environment & Technology, Society for the Study of Social Problems


Nikhil Deb’s research broadly focuses on how economic activities, particularly neoliberal pursuits, typically favor some human groups at the expense of other existing or future human groups and the environment. He researches the socio-environmental effects of and resistance to neoliberal development projects in Bangladesh and India with this focus.  He is expanding his geographic focus to other regions. Recently, he became interested in examining the ways in which the global pandemic has exacerbated social, environmental, and health inequalities around the world.